Good Pills Review: A Well-Reputed Online Pharmacy from Canada

Good Pills Review: A Well-Reputed Online Pharmacy from Canada

Good Pills is a Canadian based network of online drugstores that are selling affordable medications worldwide. An international network of drugstores that operates online is known for its wide range of generic medications. They also offer branded drugs but their focus is on cheaper generic brands.

This chain of e-dispensaries is a CIPA and MIPA licensed. Good Pills is also verified by Pharmacy Checker as all of their medicines are FDA approved. Although Good Pills do not require a prescription before dispensing an Rx medicine, Good Pills encourages its customers that they need to talk to a doctor first before taking any medicine regardless of where they purchased it.

Good Pills Reviews

To check the reliability and Good Pills e-stores, we decided to check its customer reviews. Customer reviews can serve as the mirror of a certain website or store. Thru customer reviews, we can find some information that the store won’t state in their website and only their customers who tried it would know such as real delivery time and quality of the drugs they offer. After searching Google for a few minutes, here are some of the customer reviews we found for Good Pills.

Good Pills Customer Reviews Good Pills Feedback

To sum it up, here is the feedback that Good Pills customers have to say about their experiences from this chain of internet dispensaries.

  • The website of Good Pills is easy to use
  • Good Pills has a wide range of medications available
  • The prices of Good Pills medicines is low
  • Good Pills provide information about each product they are selling and it is helpful to customers
  • Good Pills has speedy delivery
  • Good Pills provide updates such as the status of an order
  • Good Pills is an honest site
  • Good Pills has a reliable and courteous customer service
  • Good Pills is reliable when it comes to delivering their products

All of the above shared experiences of Samuel, Sarah, and Sophia are very positive and will definitely give Good Pills a lot of good points as a network of online pharmacies. These are mostly the things customers are looking for in an online drugstore in order for us to have a peace of mind while waiting for their ordered medications to arrive.

Good Pills Online

A network of online pharmacies that started in 2001, Cheap Pills is based in Canada. This series of e-stores has a trademark that says ‘World Famous Pharmacy.” In their career of 17 years and counting, they already served more than a million customers. Among the things they brag about include:

  • Million happy customers
  • Low priced medicines
  • Fast delivery

Good Pills Website

For their bestsellers, Good Pills have erectile dysfunction, antibiotic and pain relief medications. They offer the cheapest generic Viagra online for $0.27 per tablet. They also offer generic Cialis for $0.68 per pill. For other bestsellers, they have Doxycycline (antibiotic) for $0.30 per tablet, Propecia (hair loss treatment) for $0.51 per pill, Amoxil (antibiotic) for $0.39 per tablet, Prednisone (pain relief medicine) for $0.30 per pill, and Zithromax (antibiotic) for $0.40 per tablet.

Aside from these medicines, Good Pills also offer drugs for weight loss, depression, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, fungal infection, and anxiety among others.

If you want to try Cheap Pills, you can do so if you have a credit card. A credit card is the only accepted mode of payment on all Cheap Pills e-stores. They ship worldwide via Airmail Shipping and EMS Courier Service. Airmail Shipping costs $9.95 while EMS Courier Shipping costs $19.95. EMS is trackable while Airmail Shipping is not. For a return, refund, and other policies regarding your order, you can check their policy page.

Good Pills Coupon Codes

Giving out coupon code is not something that Good Pills practices. They don’t provide coupon codes to their customers perhaps because Good Pills already provide low-priced medications.

Good Pills Deal

What they give at the moment is a that allows customers to save from their online prescription refill. All orders above $200 are eligible for free Airmail Shipping and if your order is over $300, you can have it delivered via EMS Shipping free of charge.

Good Pills Phone Numbers

If you are in the US area and you need to contact Good Pills, you can do so by calling 1-718-487-9792. If you are in the UK and you have some questions about the products or services offered by this group of online drugstores, you can dial 4420-3239-7092.

Good Pills Contact Number

For customers who are not in these countries, the best way to reach Good Pills is via their ‘contact us’ page. Rest assured that they will get back to you within 24 hours to the email you provided.

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Good Pills group of online pharmacies does not practice spam marketing. They do not send emails and make undesirable phone calls especially in the middle of the night to sell or promote their websites and their products. Good Pills also assure their customers that all information provided to the Good Pills website during the order process such as email address and phone number is not saved by the website. Such information is only used for the ordering process and is scrubbed from the site once the order is completed.


The reviews of Good Pills says it all – it is a well-reputed chain of internet drugstores and this is based on the number of customer reviews that we found for this network. Cheap Pills also offers quality medicines according to its customers at a very low price. For these reasons, we are giving Good Pills a rating of 5. With 17 years of experience under its sleeve, this network of internet drugstores is indeed one of the most reputed networks today.

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